Plan A

So you never have to compromise on your plan A

About the Project

Plan A started in 2014. Back then our founders realized how difficult and awkward it could be to meet people outside your working hours when you’re not willing to go for a Tinder date or a meetup.
We quickly setup a team and challenged our idea over a few hackathons.

Plan A is a mobile application where people can offer an activity to be done in the next 24h. Using tinder mechanism other people can propose to join and be accepted or not to the event.
How would you like to have an app that let you find out cool things happening around you and enjoy them with like-minded people?

What Did We Build?
    • Mobile application: Swift for IOS
  • Website

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Client Say's

The Team Behind

Florian Ughetto

Project Manager

Florian Ughetto

Yanina Rearte

Marketing Manager

Yanina Rearte

Hala Hisham


Hala Hisham