Dubai based company is getting expats couples married online legally

Marriage is a beautiful concept that joins the couple together for life. Many couples across the world look forward to their wedding. In fact, many of them actually plan their dream wedding too. However, just complying with the marriage ceremony dies not to mean that you are married in the eyes of the law of that country.

There is a long list of legal paperwork, documentation, and verification needed to be done to be officially married. This process is quite lengthy and exhausting for the couple. But thanks Easy Wedding, you can now get married online without traveling.

This article will help you understand why online marriage ceremonies can into existence and the documents you would need to get married online legally.

How Easy Wedding is helping couples with their online marriage ceremony

Under normal circumstances; having a legal wedding ceremony is very common. But due to Covid-19 restrictions many couples were not able to travel. Moreover register offices had very long waiting period for legal unions. Often many couples who wanted to live together in the GCC or start their family together weren’t able to do so due to the Covid compliances.

Getting married online for these couples was the best option. The same was also reaffirmed by the UAE government and many other countries making online weddings legal and legitimate.

Documents Required to get legally married online

Online marriage is similar to conventional marriage. Just like a conventional marriage requires loads of paperwork and legs documentation, similarly, an online marriage also requires a prerequisite set of documents that needs to be submitted to the concerned authorities. Below are a few documents which you will require in most of the countries which permit online marriage: 

  • Medical test of the couple.
  • Marriage contract.
  • Translation into English.
  • Attestation from the Ministry of Justice.
  • Other legal documents like passport, visa, etc.

Attaining all these documents may be quite time-consuming and tiring. Thus we are today trying to make your life easier with our tips. We always recommend speaking to a legal wedding expert who can understand your wedding request and offer advise which is more suited to your situation.

In Conclusion to your online marriage ceremony

Marriage is indeed a beautiful occasion, for couples and guests alike. Thanks to the digital medium, having an online marriage ceremony has become quite easy and time flexible for couples, who can later enjoy their wedding without the hassles of any legal paperwork.

Hope we were able to help you understand the required legal documentation so that you can enjoy the wedding of your dreams. 

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